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Alphabet Soup
An exploration into the shapes of letters, Alphabet Soup hypothesizes a set of basic building blocks that all letters are built up from as well as a set of rules (grammar or syntax) which define how those pieces combine. Program output can be individual letters, a randomly varied input string, or a string of random symbols. An optical kerning algorithm is used to ensure that the letters are kerned sensibly.
Two-dimensional images of real, complex, and quaternion dynamical systems can be explored using BFE. Since the command-line driven BFE requires an extensive set of options to be passed, a Perl/GTK frontend, GFE, was written.
djukebox djukebox "Your music at your fingertips."
Djukebox is a distributed MP3 jukebox, designed to manage large music collections spread across a bunch of computers. It is implemented as a set of distributed components around a PostgreSQL database.
Dynamical Semantics
Generates one, two and three-dimensional images of selected dynamical semantical systems.
Langton's Ant
Explore variations on Langton's Ant: a finite state cellular automaton.
libQuat libQuat
Iteration engine for real, complex and quaternion dynamical systems. This is the heart (or brain) of the dynamical system generators.
This was to be "a general cellular automata/dynamata program written in C++." However, it became just one project for a class with many, leaving it in quite an unfinished state. Enjoy what is there! :)
mpserv mpserv (distributed MP3 playing system)
A collection of different components allowing for a distributed collection of MP3s to be treated as a single archive. Through network transparency, mpserv seperates the elements of managing, browsing and listening to an archive of MP3s. The basic idea is that you should be able to do what you want regardless of where you are, where your MP3s are, and where your MP3s are being played.
Explore three-dimensional cross-sections of quaternion dynamical systems. Written in C++ with the GTK bindings.
Quaternion Fractal Animator
Interactively raytrace quaternion julia sets. Allow user to create a series of keyframes and then produce an animation from those keyframes.