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update 12th Oct 1999
We are currently finishing up the touches on our next alpha release of mpserv. Its goal is to provide a mostly working concept of the finished software. This includes access to all MP3s on your LAN, a highly revised and suped up Perl/GTK client, servers for each computer hosting an MP3 collection, a stereo-jukebox-server for computers connected to a stereo system, and a basic PHP3 web client.
Below is a screenshot of the web client in action.
initial release: 13th April 1999
mpserv is a collection of different components that allow a distributed collection of mp3's to be treated as a single archive. Through network transparency mpserv seperates the elements of managing, browsing, and listening to an archive of mp3's. The basic idea is that you should be able to do what you want regardless of where you are, where your mp3's are, and where your mp3's are being played.
Now at version 0.10, there are three components to mpserv: the sources the server and the clients.
The sources are created by locating where all mp3's reside on a particular machine. This index is made available via http. Software for creating source material is included.
The server contacts all the sources and collates the locations of the mp3s distributed over the network. The server is connected to a stereo system.
The clients connect to the server and request songs to be played, jukebox/queue style.
We have now opened up into a public beta-test and request for features phase. We have a decent todo list but are looking for some more input, specifically whether or not this works for anyone else! :)
Latest package: mpserv-0.10.tar.gz (17K)

Individual scripts (look here for updates):
v0.10 README - The Client
v0.10 INSTALL - The Client
v0.02 server - The Server
v0.02 client - The Client
v0.02 mp3_locate - Source Locator
v0.30 ripenc - Source Creator

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