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2007.02.02 Couple of Blogs

Since things have been quiet, I'd like to point out a couple of resident blogs.

Both are very much worth checking out.

In April, brainsik will hopefully be debuting a new art project involving smell for National Sense of Smell Day at the Exploratorium, in San Francisco.

2006.01.05 Hear Beer
Hear Beer hexagon

A sound piece created for Repeat After Me, Hear Beer is an audio interpretation of the homebrewing process. Each of the five movements -- cleaning, cooking, fermenting, bottling, consuming -- is constructed of samples collected from or about the corresponding homebrew step. Hear Beer is about 16 minutes long and is meant to played over speakers in a gallery setting.
2005.03.12 The Neighborhood Project
San Francisco neighborhood map

An "experiment in collective knowledge", Matt Chisholm's Neighborhood Project draws a map of neighborhoods based on the opinion of the people renting, selling and living in them. The difference in opinion leads to overlap and fuzzy boundaries and provides a sense of where people think they live.
2003.06.06 Hydractinia simulation
Hydractinia simulation

Aaron Clauset and Jeremy Avnet simulate a Cnidarian, Hydractinia, a colonial marine hydroid. The Hydractinia's allorecognition behavior is thought to be representative of an early immune system. Aaron and Jeremy show evidence that their agent-based simulation successfully mimics the phenomenon of colony growth, fusing, rejection (both active and passive), morphological and genotypic mutation, competitive exclusion and the unexpected phenomenon of "buffering".
Hydractinia simulation is available as HTML, PostScript and PDF in the Complex Systems section.
2002.04.10 Continuum
Richard Cochinos' Continuum was begun 3/4 of year ago when he was working as a librarian:
"Having an extensive collection of resources, I began looking for patterns within the nature of artists and art making. This video is an attempt to answer vague questions such as: How do you define art? What is the relationship between artists and society? and How does art effect? My only criteria in editing were the quotes had to come from the artists themselves; they could not be attributes or paraphrased. It is my hope this video will serve as a resource for inspiration and understanding."
Continuum is a quicktime video available in the Art Projects section.
2001.11.14 Alphabet Soup
Matt Chisholm's (email: matt at Alphabet Soup is an attempt to determine a number of things about the shapes of letters in several different writing systems. Alphabet Soup hypothesizes a set of basic building blocks that all letters are built up from as well as a set of rules (grammar or syntax) which define how those pieces combine. Generate your new corporate logo today!
2001.04.10 Two Geometry/Topology projects and
Matt Chisholm (email: matt at has made available his senior thesis in mathematics: The Sphere in Three Dimensions and Higher: Generalizations and Special Cases. It is available as HTML or PostScript.
Matt Chisholm (email: matt at and Jeremy Avnet (email: brainsik at have copied their project on tiling three-dimensional space, Truncated Trickery, from theSRO hosted site to the geometry/topology section. It is available as HTML or VRML. appeared on the front page of the weblog. is devoted to making more visible some of the less detectable ideas. The ideas chosen to be made visible follow the site maintainer's (missingmatterboy) tastes and include topics such as mathematics, science, networks, complexity, chaos, emergence, etc. Check out this good flavored weblog.
2001.03.04 Helping Nature
Excerpts from Richard Cochinos' (email: polar at four hour piece detailing human intervention in geological processes. ( download 65MB || art projects )
200.10.25 Art Projects Section Created
Richard Cochinos (email: polar at has submitted the Interview Project. Its a "public artwork .. archive of ideas .. study of the dynamics of conversation and individual philosophy". The interviews began "as a way of understanding [his] own transition as an artist away from painting." A new section for art projects was created for this type of work.
2000.09.01 New Home for Theory
Since's inception, we have always been running off of DSL connections. This has changed with Theory's move to a real colocation facility. In honour of this event, Theory's hostname has been changed from Crystalfield (as in Crystalfield Splitting Theory) to Chaos. Go rejoice by downloading the quaternion fractal animation at a decent bitrate!! :)
2000.08.02 djukebox 0.0.0 released
The venerable Brian Martin has released his long awaited djukebox software. "Djukebox is a distributed MP3 jukebox, designed to manage large music collections spread across a bunch of computers. It is implemented as a set of distributed components around a PostgreSQL database." It is the successor to mpserv. This release has also been added to freshmeat.
2000.06.21 Many Changes
Finishing university has eaten up all my time this last couple of months. There are a bunch of announcements:
  1. changed IPs a few weeks ago. There wasn't much fanfare because these transitions appear to go very smoothly.
  2. Three new documents have been added to the site, a big thank you to everyone that contributed!!
  3. A new section has been added to the navigation bar: Complex Systems. This is to contain projects related to the science of complexity; work that comes out of Santa Fe Institute.
2000.04.22 Hardware Upgrade was down last night during a hardware upgrade. We now sport an AMD K6-2-350, bigger, faster drive, bigger, faster RAM and some other little upgrades in between. Hopefully the encrypted web server will move at a decent pace now. Enjoy!
2000.04.19 Software Updates
At last we have new user-friendly packages of libquat, bfe, and qfe. This all part of a switch to autoconf and other good things such as libtool and ltdl. We also have an anoncvs server set up on now as well. If you have any problems please send me mail @ brian at
2000.03.04 New IP Address has been moved to a new physical location. This resulted in a change of its IP address. A machine on the old IP address is in place to reroute connections to the proper address. Fortunately, it appears that the new address has propagated to many nameservers already.
Unfortunately, the new network connection, a 128K ADSL upstream, is 1/3 the speed of the previous 384K SDSL upstream. There is a possibility the connection will be upgraded, but it is expensive and I'm not sure about spending that much money.
2000.02.21 Network Outage was unavailable from roughly Sun @7am until Mon @1pm due to network outtages.
2000.02.11 Welcome to the New Design
If you have visited before you will have surely noticed quite a radical change in the design of We have moved away from the cumbersome single page index to a more structured format. We hope that this allows for better navigation, exploration and room for expansion.
We have upgraded the machine. No longer are we running out of a green milk crate, but now have a computer with a case! (though this one has no video card). It's a Pentium-150 with 32M of RAM and 2.4G of slow IDE storage. A step up perhaps from the K5-133 VLB, with 16M of RAM and half-as-fast 424M of storage.
This move wasn't entirely expected, so we haven't had time to move everything over yet. If you find broken links EMAIL US: <admin(at)>. We are trying our best to move everything over. For reference, you can access the old index page as /oldindex.html (no link so the web crawlers and robots don't index it).

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