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Alphabet Soup
An exploration into the shapes of letters, Alphabet Soup hypothesizes a set of basic building blocks that all letters are built up from as well as a set of rules (grammar or syntax) which define how those pieces combine.
This piece was begun in January 2001, while working as a librarian. Having an extensive collection of resources, I began looking for patterns within the nature of artists and art making. What resulted was an attempt to answer vague questions such as: How do you define art?, What is the relationship between artists and society? and How does art effect?. My only criteria in editing were the quotes had to come from the artists themselves; they could not be attributes or paraphrased.This video is intended to serve as a resource for inspiration and understanding. [52 minutes]

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Hear Beer hexagon Hear Beer
A sound piece created for Repeat After Me, Hear Beer is an audio interpretation of the homebrewing process. Each of the five movements -- cleaning, cooking, fermenting, bottling, consuming -- is constructed of samples collected from or about the corresponding homebrew step. Hear Beer is about 16 minutes long and is meant to be played over speakers in a gallery setting.
The Interview Project
"A study of the dynamics of conversation and the context artists work in."
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