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Cubic Mandelbrot Fractal Birth of a Cubic Julia
Exploratory zooming on the cubic Mandelbrot set leads to a nice parameter for the genesis of a Julia. (Subsequently purchased for use in a German business magazine running a special on the internet.)
Buffalo Fractal Buffalo Fractal
This somewhat ill-named set is a derivative of the Burning Ship.
Burning Ship Fractal Burning Ship Fractal
The Burning Ship, a variant on the Mandelbrot Set, has lots of interesting symmetry.
Rat Neurodynamics Chaos and Neurodynamics
These pages were used for a lecture entitled "Chaos and Neurodynamics" given in the University of California, Santa Cruz campus' Chaos Theory class. The focus is on attractor formation in the olfactory bulb and its consequences on scent recognition. Lecture was given 12th March 1999.
Fuzzy Dualist Fractal Dynamical Semantics
Lecture Notes for a UC Santa Cruz lecture, entitled: A Quadrilogue at the Edge of Logic - or - An Epistemological Improvisation on Chaos and Logic, in the spirit of Douglas Hofstatder. Exploring the Liar's Paradox, the Dynamical Semantics of Patrick Grim and Gary Mar, Godel's Incompleteness Theorem, and applications to a postmodern worldview.
Video Feedback Videofeedback
These fascinating patterns arise when a video camera is pointed at the screen of a television which is displaying what the video camera is seeing.
Whirlpool Fractal Whirlpool/Taffy Fractal
An improbable number of serial miscommunications and typographic errors led to the discovery of this interesting system in R x R.

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