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Dynamical Semantics Software (for Unix)

Sample output:
Chaotic Dualist
Half Dualist
Fuzzy Dualist
Successive Chaotic Dualist
Successive Fuzzy Dualist
Dynsem requires libpng and zlib > 1, available here.

This program was written to generate images for a final project at UC Santa Cruz. It iterates self-referential logical systems, and outputs a png file showing the dynamics of the system. For a detailed description, go here.

Download dynsem.tar.gz, type make, and enjoy.
This software is licensed under the GNU GPL.

-d [1, 2, or 3] - dimensions
-i [NUMBER] - number of iterations
-p [x y z] - initial points -
*must* be three of these, even in 1-d and 2-d mode. extras are ignored.
-sp [NUMBER] - pixel spacing of splatter points - only in 2d mode, folx. Sorry.
-size [WIDTH] [HEIGHT] - image size
-f function:
liar liar
hs half-sayer
min minimalist
el emphatic liar
ml modest liar
cl chaotic liar
log logistic liar
nv no variance
liar liar
cd chaotic-dualist
hd half-dualist
scd successive chaotic dualist
fd fuzzy dualist
sfd successive fuzzy dualist
minerva minerva
tb thunderbird

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