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NEWS: GBFE is no longer being worked on. It has since been replaced with GFE which was basically a rewrite of the horrible hacked spaghetti code that made up GBFE. GFE serves as a launching ground for creating a functional GUI for better exploring a 2D iterated complex dynamical system. Web pages for it will come upon release of PBFE, the successor to BFE.
A graphical front-end for BFE, GBFE presents a nice interface between you and the large number of options needed to generate a 2D representation of your dynamical system.
Below you will find the screen shots representing the four GBFE menus. At the end is the image that was generated.
The current GBFE is v0.42. It was written using PERL v5 and PERL/Gtk v0.4.

Last modified: Thu Feb 10 13:05:10 PST 2000