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mata - cellular auto and dyna
A general cellular automata/dynamata program written in C++.

Coding began Sunday, April 11th 1999.

22nd April 1999 : source code
2D mata work has begun. Hopefully, I'll soon have something worthy of a screen shot.
I did some more work on the 1D mata stuff: (1) Trying to get it to be a continuous state. (2) Adding a parameter space to control the state space. (3) I added another method of viewing the discrete state: This time we have three automata, each living in a different color space (red, green, blue) with their own ruleset -- image of this below.

14th April 1999 : source code
I was reading the book Artificial Life: A Report From the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology by Steven Levy. In particular, I was reading the chapter about Stephen Wolfram and his 1D cellular automata.

13th April 1999 : source code
I wanted to use a simple cycling method whereby you make each cell the sum of its four closest neighbors. I was doing this without writing to a temporary palette.
Below are two pairs of images. The first in each pair is the starting world and the second is after one cycle. Not what I was aiming for, but deserves some more analysis as it looks pretty cool: