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Four classes of states are identified for the olfactory system from EEG traces. (1) Fluctuations are suppressed under deep anesthesia. (2) In waking but unmotivated animals the amplitude is low and the trace is irregular and unpredictable. (3) Under motivation the irregular activity is interrupted by brief oscillatory bursts following activation of the OB by receptors on inhalation. (4) Under several seconds of intense electrical stimulation of the LOT an epileptic seizure is released. It is intiated after the failure of excitatory input transmission as shown by the decreasing responses at left to the last 5 pulses of the stimulus train. The seizure spike train then progressively emerges from a relatively quiet post-stimulus state.

W. J. Freeman
Simulation of Chaotic EEG Patterns with a Dynamic Model of the Olfactory System
Biological Cybernetics. vol.56, pp.139-150, p.146. 1987.