Textures Algorithmic Music Toolbox

This is the webpage for my composition software. It is all written in lisp and is still under heavy development. Currently, there are frequent updates and changes, so you might want to check back here in about a month, once I have cleaned up the code again and updated the documentation.

Textures Algorithmic Music Toolbox (henceforth simply "textures") is an algorithmic music generating program. It can creates music by working with pitch, rhythm, duration and dynamics algorithmically with many linkable functions and algorithms. These various elements are then linked together and saved in either STANDARD MIDI format, or in CSOUND SCORE format, though the csound element is barely documented at this time.

All music is written into a "score" file, which assigns a number of variables different sets of code. These variables are then evaluated and performed into either the midi or csound format. All work is done within the lisp enviroment.

I intend to have more detailed documentation, especially about my new macro format which simplifies score writing, in the future.

In the meantime, follow the link below to download a zip file of all of the current working code, as well as an undocumented example score file; Or click the second link to access a directory with all of the files uncompressed.

Textures directory

This code is covered by the GNU General Public License Version 2. Please see the readme.txt file in the zip or directory if you don't know what this means.

All of this code requires a lisp interpreter to run, I use Allegro Trial Edition (free, but you have to re-register every 60 days). It is all written in common lisp, so should run on any computer system in any interpreter, but I haven't tested this recently. The file access code is only set up for mac and windows, though parts might work in unix.

Please email me at soren-web AT theory DOT org with any questions or comments about the program.