What is djukebox?

Djukebox is a distributed jukebox.

It is designed for creating and handling a large archive of music spread across many machines. Djukebox hides these details from the user so you can find what you want to listen to quickly.

Djukebox keeps a wealth of information about your music, details such as artist, album, song name, song length and bitrate. Genre classification is planned.

Djukebox works by keeping track of where your music is, and streaming it on demand. This is peer-to-peer streaming with a central database.

What djukebox is not (at least for now)

Djukebox is not napster. It is better. It has a gnutella interface.

Djukebox is not winamp or xmms. There are no skins, no dancing graphs.

Who should use djukebox

People with disturbingly large mp3 collections

People with computers scattered all over the place

Office environments where many people work within a high bandwidth lan (or maybe wan) environment .